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Coming to Journey Downtown Theater this Spring 2024

“Mutiny!” opens with the exhilarating life of freedom and adventure on the high seas in the heartless Captain’s crew; but when the First Mate questions the internal cost of the life they are living, the First Mate and a handful of like-minded companions are branded Mutineers and thrown overboard. The Mutineers are tested at every turn, enduring a fierce storm and mesmerizing mermaids, and finally must race the Captain’s vicious crew through the jungle to a coveted treasure. What will the protectors of the hidden treasure find in the hearts of the Mutineers? Have they reformed into people who will use their new gifts for the good of others? Or, like the Captain, will they be ensnared by greed and consumed by the beauty of these riches?


Come find out May 31- June 2 at Journey Downtown!


Casting for Mutiny! has been posted in the Lobby.


Rehearsals for Company roles will begin in


Rehearsals for Supporting roles will begin in 


Please be checking your emails and the Lobby bulletin board for updates and rehearsal times.

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