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Vacaville's Original


What do we mean when we say “Vacaville’s original Nutcracker”?


In 2013, Artistic Director Cassandra Kamakeeaina choreographed and staged a full-length Christmas ballet using music composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky for the 1982 ballet, The Nutcracker. 


Ms. Cassy’s 2013 Nutcracker ballet, titled Nightmare Before Nutcracker (inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas), was choreographed on and performed by Vacaville ballet dancers and performed exclusively for the community of Vacaville. 


Though Ms. Cassy’s Nutcracker ballet has evolved and adapted over the years, the core of her choreography holds true to its beginning, and the ballet remains an endeavor for our local Vacaville community. 


In 2022, Artistic Director Kamakeeaina brought her original full-length Christmas ballet to the stage as An American Nutcracker, now set in the 1940s. 

This winter, An American Nutcracker will return to the stage.

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Thank You!

We want to thank you all for another successful run of An American Nutcracker! Our dancers had a wonderful time and looked beautiful onstage. 

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